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Join the FollowLeadLOVE movement by making your Tax Deductible Contributions via Fractured Atlas’ Fiscal Sponsorship 501(c)(3).

Just imagine yourself joining the ranks of those who believe that Representation, Diversity & Inclusion matter now more than ever ?  

How would you feel if you are given the chance to be part of a movement that advocates for Acceptance, Female Empowerment & Equality? 

This is your chance to take part in helping to create a Timely, Relevant and Significant film project.

About Fractured Atlas

Fractured Atlas is an organization that helps individual artists and arts organizations at every level of the cultural ecosystem, in every creative medium by providing fundraising tools, educational resources, and personalized support. That means artists can devote their effort to doing what they do best — making art that matters to them and the world.  They are based in New York but their influence is national — even global, with international members.

FollowLeadLOVE is honored to be selected as one of Fractured Atlas’s Fiscally Sponsored projects because of how it resonates to their mission of making the journey from inspiration to living practice more accessible and equitable for Artists and Creatives.  Their vision is to create a world where all artists have the tools they need to make their creative dreams a reality.

The importance of your Tax deductible contributions

While we are poised to do great work, we can’t do it without the support from kindhearted and generous individuals like yourself. We intend to continue working to take FollowLeaLOVE to its full completion and make sure that it’s Socially and Culturally relevant message resonates on a Global Scale and we are inviting you to be part of this journey through your Tax Deductible Contributions. We look forward to your support and we’ll keep you updated on our progress.

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